Strategies towards Students

To inspire students to learn, and to provide a foundation for their careers and their effective participation in local and international arenas

The strategies to implement this objective are to:

  • Develop programs to attract students, assist them in their transition to College study and increase retention and success rates for students, the College and the post compulsory education sector.
  • Offer innovative and relevant programs and services that use new technologies and flexible delivery, and facilitate articulation within and between courses by providing transparent structures and content descriptions.
  • Include skills, experiences and other activities within the College’s courses and curriculum to equip our graduates to be more effective citizens and participants in the workforce, both locally and internationally.
  • Assure a supportive and inclusive educational experience for full- and part-time students, acknowledging that they come from a diverse range of socio-economic, educational, cultural and linguistic backgrounds and include students with special needs.
  • Gain a greater understanding of our students’ motivations and aspirations in choosing Infolink College so that we can improve our programs and services and assist all students to fulfill their potential.
  • Develop a culture of engagement to positively and responsibly interact with prospective and current students, from their first contact with the College through to their active membership of the alumni.
  • Use the cultural and linguistic diversity of our College community and the region to better support our students in a global environment where cross-cultural understanding and multilingualism are important attributes.

Last Update on: May 9 , 2015